We offer customized 3-4 day workshops, tailored to bring your team of data analysts, data engineers, product managers and developers up to speed on the Modern Data Analytics Stack.

For example, a 4-day workshop could look like this:

SQL v1: The Bread & Butter Stuff

  • Anatomy of a SQL statement
  • Hands-on SQL Session
  • Expressing a business question as set logic
  • Types of Database objects
    • Tables/Views
    • Databases/Schemas
  • SQL Style Guide

The Modern Analytics Data Stack

  • Flipping the T in ETL –> ELT
  • MPP databases and how they’re not MySQL
  • Distributing, partitioning, clustering data
  • Analytical vs Operational Data Demands, Data SLAs
  • Loading data incrementally
  • Accessing data
  • Real-time data, and do really you need it?
  • Optimizing for performance, readability, maintainability

Benefits of Dimensional Modeling

  • What is a Dimensional Model?
    • Normalization, 3rd Normal Form (3NF)
    • Denormalization
    • Dimensional Modeling: the Goldilocks approach
  • Modeling Your Business
    • Customer-Centric Data Models
  • Dimension Tables
    • Type 1/2 Slowly-Changing Dimensions
  • Fact Tables
  • Surrogate Keys, do you need them?

SQL v2: More Fancy

  • Data Warehouse Query Strategies
  • Analytical Functions
  • Moving Averages, Cumulative Totals
  • Avoiding count(distinct..)
  • Date Spines
  • Anti-Joins
  • Report Metrics Queries
    • When to actually use a full outer join
  • Deduping Data
  • Sampling Data
  • Min/Max with many columns
  • JSON / Nested Arrays

dbt - Data Build Tool

  • Anatomy of a dbt Project
  • Design Patterns
  • Encapsulation and Reuse in SQL and dbt
    • CTEs
    • Macros
    • Models
    • Ephemeral vs persisted
    • Packages
  • Data Engineering as Software Development
    • Automated Testing
    • Version Control & Managing the Release Process
  • Documentation

SQL v3: Debugging

  • Debugging techniques
    • Troubleshooting lost rows
  • Performance tuning
    • Profiler
    • Query Plans

Shoot us an email to let us tailor your workshop and for details on availability and pricing!