The Black Tux

Tools: Snowflake, Redshift, dbt, Fivetran, Tableau, Mode, Periscope, Python, PyMC3, R

After leading the Data & Analytics team for 2 years and building out its core analytics capabilities, we’ll now be focused on taking TBT to the next stage of a data-driven organization.

Some of our favorite projects:

  • Machine-learned Fit Algorithm (Python, xgboost) (see
  • Reservation Forecasting Bayesian Model (in PyMC3)
  • Inventory Forecasting Monte-Carlo Simulation
  • Probabilistic Demand Planning Model
  • Marketing attribution modeling
  • Interactive dashboards in Tableau/Periscope/Mode
  • ETL pipelines in Airflow/Python and dbt
  • Data Warehouse v1 in Redshift
  • Data Warehouse Migration to Snowflake