ETL & Warehousing

You have a variety of data sources from SaaS vendors, internal applications and custom datasets. We make sure it all lands in one place, on time.

We build your cloud-based data warehouse on platforms that scale with your business, like Amazon Redshift and Snowflake (we’re a Snowflake partner).

We can support many modern ETL tools, but if you don’t have anything already we prefer Apache Airflow and dbt.

Data Modeling

We help you model your business model in the data warehouse, by applying industry best-practice modeling techniques to build a data model that scales with you. We’re Kimball data warehouse practitioners and believe that most companies past the early growth stages benefit from a properly designed data warehouse.

KPI Measurement

With over 20 years experience working in data and business (from manufacturing and consumer products to entertainment), we can help define and measure the key metrics for your business. We know to ask the right questions and where to focus your leadership team.

Once we know what to measure, we can help you implement effective visualizations and self-service reporting tools using modern business intelligence tools, such as Tableau, Looker, Mode Analytics, Periscope or MicroStrategy.

Data Science

We’re excited about data science and machine learning, but we also recognize where to best apply predictive analytics that actually drive results for your business. We’ve built predictive models in production environments and know how to separate the hype from the results.

For our machine learning and other predictive models, we prefer working in Python and we’re excited about Julia for optimization.

Strategy, Teams & Training

We want to help you become a data-driven organization and are here for you to build your internal data strategy and team. We can design and conduct your technical screening interviews and will help you shape highly productive data teams.