What We’re Reading - Week of 12/02/2019

1 minute read

How do Mathematicians Find Love? A Probabilistic Approach.

Perfectly applicable to any situation where we need to find the best candidate out of n applications.

The New York City Subway Map as You’ve Never Seen It Before

Fascinating interactive visualization of the NYC subway map as only the NYT can do.

Building A Real Time Event Data Warehouse For Sentry - Episode 108

ClickHouse sounds like worth checking out if you’re looking for a real-time analytics solution. The folks at Sentry spent almost a year evaluating solutions and migrating their entire data stack from Postgres to ClickHouse.

Is Your Company Too Dumb To Be Data-Driven?

Ethan Knox with a great take on what it takes to be “data-driven”.

A business user that is new to data-driven decision making may argue that they can’t possibly know what data to expect or how it will be used, without first having access to the data in a business intelligence tool. Try to imagine the same logic in a different context; let’s say a factory manager requests a new \$100k machine for an assembly line. If the manager is unable to describe what the machine actually does or articulate how the machine will be used to make a profit, but insists that, once installed, the machine will prove to be a great investment… would this sound ludicrous? Most data initiatives cost far more than the \$100k mystery machine, and yet this happens every day.

‘Turn Off the Sunshine’: Why Shade Is a Mark of Privilege in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bewildering city to live in.