What We’re Reading - Week of 12/09/2019

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2020 Crystal Ball: Predictions for the Economy, Politics, Technology, and More | Fortune

Some of these seem more like predictions for the 20s decade (yes, that’s happening soon!), but still a good read.

Newsvendor Problem – The Tale of the First Formula in the Textbook | Stitch Fix Technology – Multithreaded

My favorite part of this post, aside from it being very good, is that Eric Colson got image credit for this: stichtfix-newsvendor

How To Mathematically Win Every Office Bet

Unlikely you’ll be able to pull this off very often in real life, but a fun read on what is essentially an options strategy for your office bets

Suppose we make a second \$5 bet with person B, but this time instead of predicting it to rain more than two inches, we bet that it will rain less than four. Now, if it rains 4 or more, we lose \$5, and anything less we profit \$5. What’s interesting that occurs here is the regions beyond 2 and 4 have conflicting payouts and losses, so when we lose one bet, we win the other. Then, in the region between, we win both.

This could come in handy when betting on some of the 2020 predictions above.

Big Calculator: How Texas Instruments Monopolized Math Class

Speaking of math and betting, you may need a calculator for those odds, and chances are you’re using a Texas Intruments calculator. (For you finance nerds, I know, you’ll be using the HP12C.) Nevermind, you’ll be using your phone. I’m dating myself here.

Democratic Primaries: Preferential Poll Results — Swayable

Interesting analysis and visualization of indirect vote choices by candidate.

LAPD takes page from Batman, using tethers that wrap suspects’ bodies - Los Angeles Times

Holy taser.