The Blog in Review - 2019

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When I started writing blog posts in 2018, I thought this was mostly going to be for clients and/or myself so I can refer to my own posts later. 18 months in, I’m thrilled that thousands of you from around the world find the content compelling.

  • Over 12,000 people from 140 countries have stopped by the blog over the last year. This is small potatoes in comparison to other blogs, but compared to the number of folks that I expected to read the posts (somewhere between 1 and 12 of my closest friends and other people I guilt into reading them), this is a great sign that the Internet still works the way I thought it did.

Worldwide Visitors

  • 80% of traffic comes from Organic Search. Seeing the popularity of posts about SQL and Snowflake (see Top 10 below), it seems that there is an opportunity to provide even more value around these topics in 2020.
  • While most of the traffic, predictably, comes from the U.S., over 45% comes from non-US countries, with India leading the way.
  • Although still small in absolute terms, I’m particular thrilled that some 150 people from various African countries (mostly South Africa) have found one or two posts compelling enough to read.

Worldwide Visitors

And now on to the Top 10…!

Top 10 Most Read in 2019

  1. Creating a 4-5-4 Retail Calendar using SQL and dbt

  2. Bulk-loading data from pandas DataFrames to Snowflake

  3. Setting up a data pipeline using Snowflake’s Snowpipes in ‘10 Easy Steps’

  4. Parsing Nested JSON Dictionaries in SQL - Snowflake Edition

  5. Random Sampling Within Groups using SQL

  6. Solving a Production Problem using Linear Programming in Julia - 2 Ways

  7. Confidence Intervals in SQL, when no real mathematicians are looking

  8. Confidence Intervals, when no real mathematicians are looking - Tableau Edition

  9. SQL Window Functions to Pass a Data Analytics Interview (Opinionated SQL Series Part 2/N)

  10. How to Backup Snowflake Data to S3

Thanks for reading and have a great 2020!